Goodbye Things – Kitchen Clutter

Goodbye Things – Kitchen Clutter

Goodbye Things is one of the best books about minimalism I have ever read.  I first read it a couple years ago.  After my house fire, I was so grateful I went through each drawer and cupboard and said, “Goodbye, Things.”  I touched on it briefly in my post about Homeowners Insurance Claim Tips.  Having a clutter free house and knowing all my items made making an inventory list so much easier than it would have been otherwise.  I want to share some of the experiences I had with minimizing, starting with the worst room in my house, the kitchen.

Kitchen Clutter

One of the ugliest places in my house has to be the kitchen drawers.  I give you exhibit A.

Goodbye Things

Now, I know a lot of you can relate to this drawer.  It is so easy to accumulate kitchen utensils.  My first step was to empty the drawer and group like things together. The book suggests one of the easiest ways to minimize is to address duplicates.  I owned a lot of duplicates.  I had six scoops that were all about the same size and while I could be creative and justify why I need them all, in the end I really don’t.  I found it funny enough at the time that I took a picture of them.

They are all nice and fairly new since I bought them right after my kitchen remodel.  I held onto two of them and gave the rest away.  It is a scary feeling at first, but soon became a liberating feeling.  Goodbye Things!  I knew I could make do with only two because the only time in my life that I ever had two things going at a time is two flavors of ice cream at a birthday party.  Otherwise, one might be in the dishwasher, so I applied that idea to most things in the kitchen.  Keeping two of things makes sense for me.  One set of measuring cups could be washing and I would still have one.  Likewise, I love to cook and want two sets in case I am making a large recipe and need two sets at once.

Less Really Is More

Once I was done with the drawer and seeing everything at a glance, I was hooked!  No more rummaging through this drawer.  Everything is visible and easy to keep tidy.  One rule I made for myself is that everything that came out of the drawer would have to fit nicely and look tidy.  It became a game of how little I thought I could live with.

I read the book again just last week.  I want to make sure the new house I am moving into soon will stay as clutter free as I had with the one we lost.  Life is easier when you have breathing room and space to spread out the things that matter most.

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