Lavender Lodge Home

Lavender Lodge Home

Welcome to Lavender Lodge Home!  I’m creating this site to share some experiences I never wanted to have all with the hopes of fully healing and if I can help even one other person, it will be worth sharing what I’ve learned.

Early in 2019, we had a house fire and lost almost everything we owned.  It was traumatic, exhausting and we still haven’t finished dealing with everything….not by a long shot.  It has been over 500 days for myself and my family.  Over 500 days of tears and frustration, hope and disappointment and finally finding the right people to help us rebuild our lives.  We are in the homestretch of being able to go home and I’m finally in a place that I feel like I can turn around and deal with what happened.

Why Lavender Lodge?

I am naming my blog Lavender Lodge Home because once I go home to my new lodge, I am filling my garden with lavender.  I love the way lavender looks and smells.  The house we lost was orange brick and I always felt weird about filling my yard with purple because it didn’t look right when I pictured it in my mind.  My new house is completely neutral so I can put all the purple I want and it will be lovely.

Lavender Lodge

I plan to share some lessons I’ve learned about home insurance, picking the right people to help you after tragedy strikes, things you do and don’t want to do, how to navigate through the rebuild process and things to consider.  Also focusing on ways to keep sane under stress and knowing it is okay to drive your car to a remote stretch of road, pull over and scream at the top of your lungs if you need to.  I’ve been there.  I’ve been at the darkest depths at the bottom and know how hard it can be and how hopeless dealing with a house fire can get.  I also know that time heals and there is a way to move forward one slow step at a time.

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