Saturday Morning At 6 AM

Saturday Morning At 6 AM

What to do when you wake up early on a Saturday morning?  Do you exercise, make a big breakfast or go back to bed?  The third option sounds the best to me, but once I’m up, I’m up!  The internal clock is a thing and mine is set to wake early, even when I don’t want to.

My favorite time of a Saturday is the early morning hours.  The hours when the house is silent and the sun is peaking out from behind the mountains.  Cool morning air breezing in through the windows while sipping a hot cup of coffee.  Leisurely working on a puzzle with my favorite show quietly playing in the background.  Those are my favorite hours.  I feel alone in a slumbering house.  Once the house wakes up, the magical morning transforms.

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Saturday Morning Breakfast

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast.  Being a full time working mom, it is hard to squeeze breakfast into our mornings.  Most days it is a hurried bowl of cereal or oatmeal and maybe some fruit.  Some days, it isn’t even that and I leave it to the daycare to feed my littles.  Never a good feeling, but a reality sometimes.

I look forward to weekends at home when there is extra time to cook.  I get to just be Mom.  If you are a working Mom, you’ll know the feeling and it’s the best.  Days when being Mom is all that is required are wonderful.  Your children can wake up to the smell of bacon frying and seek it out.  They find Mom there, making them a meal.  You have time to sit, eat together and plan the day.

When you stop to think about how many Saturdays are in a year, you’ll realize you have 52 opportunities each year to make Saturday morning a wonderful memory for your children.  The years go by too quickly.  Lives can be too busy sometimes.  Take the time to make a least a few of your 52 Saturday mornings the leisurely kind.  The memory making kind.  When I think about the memories I want my kids to take into their adulthood, a good breakfast with a smiling Mom is one of them.


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