Free Downloadable Fonts – 10 Bold Cursive

Free Downloadable Fonts – 10 Bold Cursive

I have spent some time the last few weeks gathering free downloadable fonts for my collection.  I have made a few inspirational quote images to share online and wanted to gather some new fonts.  I’ve searched for fonts that are free for commercial use so I didn’t run into any problems.  All the ones I am going to share all commercial use fonts.  I fell in love with these bold cursive fonts.  Here are my top 10 favorite bold cursive fonts.


1. Arkana


Arkana is an elegant brush script font that comes in two styles, regular and vintage.  The author is Maulana Creative and from Pixelbuddha


2. Brusher


Brusher is a modern bold brush font with smooth lines and edges.  The author is Vlad Cristea and the font is from Graphic Burger.


3. Falcon


Falcon is a modern script font that had every letter carefully crafted.  It is from Font Bundles.


4. Feather

free downloadable fonts

Feather is another modern script font offered by Font Bundles.  It has a note that it offers Multilingual support.


5. Jaiho


Jaiho is a beautiful script font with modern calligraphy.  It comes in script and sans styles.  It is from Font Bundles.


6. Leafs


Leafs is design made for vector designs.  The script font was made by NJ Studio and offered by Font Bundles.


7. Nafeeza Typeface


Nafeeza is another modern script that is from Font Bundle.


8. Naira Script


Naira Script is a modern calligraphy script with a simple feminine design from Font Bundles.



9. Raustila


Raustila is another calligraphy font.  This one is from Font Meme.


10. September


September is probably one of my top favorites and is only at the bottom because I went alphabetical.  It is so elegant.  It is exclusive to Font Bundles.  And yes, Font Bundles is a great place to find some really great free downloadable fonts!

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